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Help us get the FBI to look into the public corruption that has played a major role in Rodney’s case!

To submit a tip to the FBI:
(512) 345-1111

We believe making headway with the FBI will be very helpful to Rodney’s situation! My father, Walter Reed, had actually reached out to the FBI about Rodney’s case over 20 years ago when all this started, but not much happened as a result of his efforts.

According to the FBI’s website, public corruption is its top criminal investigative priority. One area that the Bureau’s Public Corruption program focuses on is investigating violations of federal law by public officials at the federal, state, and local levels of government.

We’re asking you to contact the FBI’s Austin satellite office to express your concerns about the corruption in the City of Bastrop, the Texas Attorney General’s office with Lisa Tanner and Matt Ottoway, the City of Giddings, the Giddings Police Department, the Giddings Sheriff Department, the Bastrop Police Department, the Bastrop Sheriff Department, and Bastrop County including the District Attorney’s Office. We need them to investigate the corruption that has been happening within all these entities. Here is the phone number: (512) 345-1111

Also, provide any information you have about David Board, David Hall, Nathan Lapham, Richard Hernandez, Ed Salmela, Curtis Davis, Rocky Wardlow, Charles Pennick, Bryan Goertz, and others in official roles in the Giddings and Bastrop areas. Give specific information, and if you have supporting documents, please submit them with your allegation/s as the FBI does require actual evidence of corruption. We are providing them with the information found within this link: We’re also including the fact that the judge who did the hearing, Judge Reva Towslee-Corbet, did not recuse herself when her father, Judge Harold Towslee, was the original trial judge, so the FBI can look deeper into that.

If you choose to call the FBI, be aware that their wait times are long. We do ask you to be patient as talking to an actual human being does make an impact! Definitely also submit a tip online here either before or after speaking with the FBI representative: You can choose to remain anonymous. Screenshot your message for your records!

We appreciate our sister in Jesus Christ, Natasha Thomas, for having shared her powerful message about how God had put it strongly on her heart to let our family know that we need to reach out to the FBI and let the FBI know about EVERYTHING regarding Rodney’s case from beginning to end. We, the Reed family, believe in God and know that His Hands are in this and that God has been working through people so we can bring Rodney home alive. We thank everybody who has been taking action along with their prayers. Prayers followed up with action are what is going to make all the difference in bringing Rodney home alive.

Really read #Psalm64 when you get the chance and pray!#RODNEYREEDISINNOCENT !#FREERODNEYREED !#BRINGRODNEYHOME !
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