Shine a light on it: FREE RODNEY REED smart t-shirt


For over 20 years, we have been shouting FREE RODNEY REED!  There is no case against Rodney! He had nothing to do with this murder.  Sometimes all that shouting can be exhausting.  But don’t let the enemy dim your brightness. Let the gleaming gold print on this shirt shine a light on Rodney’s case for you: FREE RODNEY REED! Texas, bring Rodney Reed home to us alive NOW!

This smart t-shirt includes QR Codes that link to Psalm 64 and Matthew 18:19-20 in the Bible; Rodrick Reed’s blog post which includes links to the current documentaries and specials listed on this shirt and other important information; this Innocence Project petition, our Facebook | Instagram pages, and this pre-populated tweet.

Wear this smart t-shirt and engage with folks who are seeking more information on Rodney’s case by literally pointing them to where they can find it and ways they can get involved!

Our shirts help fund our continuing fight for justice.

Help us free Rodney, actualize justice for the victim, and ensure the true murderer(s) are held accountable!

Read #Psalm64 and #Matthew18:19-20!
We can show you better than we can tell you.
Help us make sure Texas officials #GRANTRODNEYREEDANEWTRIAL and
#TESTTHEDNA including the DNA on the murder weapon and the crime scene evidence so Rodney has the opportunity to show he is innocent.

And #TexasNeedsAProsecutorialConductCommission with members appointed by the people- not the Governor!

Please consider snapping a picture while rocking this t-shirt and sending it to Rodney!

Rodney Reed #999271
Polunsky Unit Death Row
3872 FM 350 South
Livingston, Texas 77351

You can also use JPay to send Rodney an email: (but snail mail is preferred)
He does not have access to a computer, so he can only write you back.  Please send him your mailing address if you want him to write you back.

The Reed family appreciates your support!


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