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Let’s start a Twitterstorm to amplify #RodneyReed and #FreeRodneyReed!

RJ Reed's picture on the front of The Bastrop Advertiser

God gave us another set of very powerful tools to work with!!! Thank you Stephanie Wallace Barber for alerting us to Sister Helen Prejean ‘s tweets. We’re going to use Sister Helen Prejean ‘s recent tweet thread
Go to the second message of hers that reads: “I stand with the Reed family in their pursuit of justice for Rodney. Photos from a visit to Texas in 2015.”
On Sister Helen Prejean ‘s tweet, we’re asking everybody to retweet with comment (below this tweet are two arrows that are going around clockwise in the shape of a square. Click on that and then choose the retweet with comment option. Message me if you need help with this.)
and do the same thing with the Innocence Project ‘s recent tweet thread
to start a Twitterstorm to get Rodney trending so we can get the attention of the Breakfast Club AM Morning Show, Korey King Wise, Yusef Abdus Salaam, Raymond Santana, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Ava DuVernay, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Beyoncé and JAY-Z , and anyone else you think would help us put the spotlight on Rodney’s case so we can bring him home!

This is my retweet with comment to both Sister Helen Prejean ‘s and Innocence Project ‘s tweet: @breakfastclubam @dr_yusefsalaam @santanaraymond @WhenTheySeeUs @ava @tylerperry @Oprah @KimKardashian @Beyonce @MsBKB @BuriedAliveProj My brother #RodneyReedisInnocent on TX death row. Help us #FreeRodneyReed and ensure they #GrantRodneyReedANewTrial to prove he is innocent!
Feel free to copy all or part of it.

We’re asking you to go to these two links I shared earlier:
and mention (using @theirscreenname) all of the people I listed above so we can secure a spot for Mama and me on The Breakfast Club AM Morning show to amplify Rodney’s story so we can save his life and bring him home! Please make sure to include those hashtags so they can trend so we can raise awareness to Rodney’s current situation.

Also, because this is the newspaper article that triggered Bryan Goertz to set the November 20 execution date for my brother Rodney, we’re asking you to please send this picture of the front page of The Bastrop Advertiser with your retweet with comment. We’re asking you to do this at least 7 times a day every day for each tweet thread (feel free to do much more than that) until either we get a response from one of the people above or until we secure our spot on the Breakfast Club AM Morning Show.

One of the largest Facebook pages supporting Rodney and our family is We Demand Justice: Supporters of the Reed Family They have 6396 people who like it. There is a lot of overlap with this one, Rodney Reed: Innocent on Texas Death Row , Rodney Reed is Innocent – Austin Chapter , and Reed Justice Initiative. If everybody who liked these pages retweeted with comment at least 7 times a day on each of those tweet threads (14 retweets a day and specifically with the mentions and hashtags to get Rodney trending) , I have no doubt Mama and me would get on the Breakfast Club AM Morning Show and have the ear of the people who could make such a huge difference in putting a spotlight on my brother’s case and ensure his freedom. We need all of your help!

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  1. I don’t know what to do but I want to do any and everything that I can to help Rodney!!!!! This latest decision makes me so heartboken and sick to my stomach! I’m not familiar with Twitter, how it works but I’m gonna try!

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