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Join me in spending an evening with brother Anthony Graves, Death Row Exoneree #138, on April 25th from 6pm-7:30pm

Anthony Graves, Death Row Exoneree #138, speaking at his Smart Justice Speaker's Bureau event.

Family, I want y’all to join my immediate family and me on Thursday, April 25th from 6pm-7:30pm as we support our brother in solidarity Mr. Anthony Graves- United States Death Row Exoneree #138- at his event “Abolish the Death Penalty: an Evening with Anthony Graves”.

RSVP here: (or to the Facebook event page )

Anthony and Rodney were on Texas Death Row at the same time for many years. Anthony spent 18 ½ years incarcerated for a murder he didn’t even know anything about. Twelve of those years were spent in hellish conditions on Texas Death Row. Rodney and Anthony also had the same prosecuting judge (Judge Harold Towslee), the same court appointed defense attorneys, the same Travis County Medical Examiner (Dr. Roberto Bayardo), and the same judge’s daughter (Judge Reva Towslee-Corbett) presiding over their appeals. Rodney and Anthony both were given execution dates.

We recognize Anthony as one of the most powerful advocates we have in this fight to free and exonerate Rodney. We are incredibly Blessed to have him as part of our extended family and are excited about collaborating with him more in the coming months! I can’t wait to see how God plans to work through Anthony to see to it that Rodney is freed and exonerated!

Anthony is doing God’s work, using his painful experiences and turning them around to do good. The work he is doing is beautiful and powerful!! Anthony founded an organization, the Anthony Graves Foundation, which provides training to people directly affected by flaws in the criminal justice system so they can effectively tell their unique stories for the purpose of creating change. Wana, RJ, and myself recently went to his “Telling Our Stories for Smart Justice” event this past Tuesday where people gave powerful testimonies of their pain and their trauma and their overcoming and how they’re using their own stories to effect necessary changes to our justice system and our society. Here is a link to the Anthony Graves Foundation:

If you’re not familiar with this brother, this is a link to the Emmy Award-winning documentary Grave Injustice about his story:

Let’s go show our brother in solidarity our love and support! Let’s also see how we can all collaborate to abolish the death penalty. If you’re in Bastrop and plan to go, call me (but you’re more likely to reach me by text) at 512- two seven zero -1596. I hope to see you at 902 East 5th Street, Unit 105, Austin, TX 78702 at 6pm on Thursday, April 25th!

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