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From this point forward, we go hard to amplify #rodneyreed and #freerodneyreed

Now is the time when we have to fight harder than we’ve ever fought before to save our brother Rodney Reed’s life.  Starting Monday, July 22, 2019; we will protest everyday next week outside of Bastrop County District Attorney Bryant Goertz’s office and bombard social media with posts to fight Goertz’s retaliatory motion to set the November 20, 2019 execution date. We’re also demanding that Rodney Reed be freed AND that he be granted a new trial that admits DNA testing of ALL the crime scene evidence and where ALL his witnesses are called so our brother can show the world HE IS INNOCENT!

The Innocence Project published this petition urging people to stand against Rodney’s execution:

After filling it out, we’re asking you to share it multiples times on both Twitter and Facebook.

For Twitter, the Innocence Project provides an auto message for people to use to share the petition.  In its place, our family is posting some variation of the following message to both Twitter and Facebook: 

“Join us in standing against the execution of our beloved #RodneyReed. #RodneyReedisInnocent on Texas death row. Let’s make sure Bastrop County DA Bryan Goertz feels the pressure! Help us block his retaliatory motion, #FreeRodneyReed, and #BringRodneyHome!

We will be sending out a letter soon talking about how the Reed family and our supporters will continue to fight hard to block Bryan Goertz’s motion to execute our brother Rodney on November 20, 2019.  This is in response to Bryan Goertz is rushing to murder Rodney without allowing DNA testing or a new trial to examine the extensive evidence that’s out there and that proves Rodney is innocent (the same evidence that implicates Jimmy Fennell as the actual murderer— with the help of his friends). 

Now is the time we need people to tune into what we’re doing and stand with us in person and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter more than ever. This a literal life and death critical moment when we really need all hands on deck to make the most noise possible in every way to stop Bryan Goertz’s retaliatory motion to set an execution date for our brother Rodney.  

Stayed tuned to what we post about Rodney and be sure to comment on and share each post and as much as you can.

And don’t stop here.  Join us at the protests. Even if you can only come one day, our family would appreciate that more than you could ever imagine. We need as many people as possible on the ground. And reach out to people by phone. Call anyone and everyone who you feel will band with us and help us in this fight— including our elected officials, high profile people, and your church and faith leaders.

Let’s make #RodneyReed, #FreeRodneyReed, #RodneyReedIsInnocent, #BringRodneyHome, #GrantRodneyReedANewTrial, and #TestTheDNA trending topics until Bryan Goertz’s motion to set an execution date is dismissed or dropped.  If you use #TestTheDNA, please include another hashtag with #RodneyReed so my brother’s name can trend with it.  

We are so powerful when we stand together!  We have the power to use our voices and both our social media and physical presence to block Bryan Goertz’s vindictive motion and to bring Rodney home! Rodney needs all of us to go hard from here on out to amplify his name and his story across the world so we can save his life and finally hug him when he is freed and we bring him home!

We need all of your help and appreciate everything y’all have been doing so far! 

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