Who We Are

Join us on Facebook.com/ReedJusticeInitiative. Until Rodney’s November 20th execution date is dropped, that will be the best platform on which to keep up with our family’s fight to bring him home alive.

The Reed Family

Rodney Reed's mother, all five of Rodney Reed's brothers, and Rodney Reed's son.

We are the immediate family members of Rodney Rodell Reed.
We love him. We miss him. We want him home now!

Rodney has been serving time on Texas’s death row since 1998 for a crime he didn’t commit. He was wrongfully convicted of sexually assaulting and brutally murdering Stacey Stites, a young woman from Giddings, TX who he was involved with romantically at the time.

Our family began our journey as death penalty abolitionists initially to free Rodney while also proving his innocence of this crime. Over the past two decades, we have been advocating with death penalty abolitionist organizations and Rodney’s supporters while also standing in solidarity with other families who have wrongfully incarcerated loved ones.

During one of Rodrick’s visits to see Rodney at the Alan B. Polunsky Unit in Livingston, TX, Rodney encouraged Rodrick to start something up for the purpose of connecting with and helping other families while empowering our own. It was then that the idea for the Reed Justice Initiative was born.