Who We Are

Join us on Facebook.com/ReedJusticeInitiative. Until Rodney’s November 20th execution date is dropped, that will be the best platform on which to keep up with our family’s fight to bring him home alive.

Richard Reed, Ryan Reed, Mama, and Rodrick Reed at a rally for Rodney.
Richard, Ryan, Mama, and Rodrick at a rally for Rodney.
back row: Robert, Ronny, Ryan (nephew), Richard, Rodrick, Ryan
front: Mama and Aaron

We are the immediate family members of Rodney Rodell Reed. 
We love him. We miss him. We want him home now!

Rodney has been on Texas death row since 1998 for a crime he did not commit. We post information and sell shirts to raise awareness about his case. We have faith that God will bring Rodney home. As we’re fighting to bring him home, part of our mission is to help other families with wrongfully convicted loved ones fight for justice. We also actively work to abolish the death penalty in Texas.

The Reed Justice Initiative aims to equip and empower families that are in the process of overcoming severe transgressions imposed by the criminal justice system by encouraging the act of challenging injustice. We believe in justice for all. We’re focusing our efforts on death row families and their loved ones, death row exonerees, non-death row exonerees, and family members of the executed. We advocate for a Texas statewide prosecutorial conduct commission. We advocate for law enforcement oversight commissions for every town city and county in Texas. We advocate for transformative justice- taking elements from restorative practices- to actualize a more just, equitable, and healthier justice system and society.